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On-Demand InkJet Printing System "CPi6151" - Now Released

“CPi6151” is the new on-demand ink jet printing system that can jet immediately-curable ink. With the newly equipped print head, it can directly print legend and etch resist ink. The “on-head UV lamp” installed to the new print head enables immediate ink curing at the time of printing, so consequently it eliminates offline exposure process and brings high productivity. Moreover, since it is equipped with an ink recycling system to collect the waste ink produced during the nozzle cleaning, pass it through a filter and then reuse the ink again, it can keep the ink waste down to less than 1% and thus can realize reduction of the running cost and environmental impact.

CPi6151 is a high-speed type device equipped with 2048 high precision nozzles with droplet sizes of 14 Pico liter. It is equipped with a new print head possessing multi-array structure featuring all nozzles with independent drive system. Therefore, piezoelectric driving frequency is more than two times faster than the conventional 3 cycles driving method. We offer two types of maximum print sizes: 24 x 20" and 30.7 x 24". The standard resolution of 720dpi can be changed individually along vertical and horizontal directions so that it can be optimized to various resolutions based on the ink characteristics. In addition, it can print to boards with stepped surface which is difficult to print by the conventional Screen printing. For stepped surfaces with steps of more than 200 ┬Ám, it can print neatly without any distortion. Furthermore, with the assistance of the loader and unloader, CPi6151 can be run unattended for 24 hours thus supporting mass volume printing. This makes it an easy fit to your production line.

Board warpage corrective mechanism is equipped with the vacuum table system as a standard in order to hold the panel flat and enable high quality printing. As options, “4 Side Edge Clamp (Manual)” and “Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum” are available. “4 Side Edge Clamp (Manual)” surrounds and secures the board with movable clamps. Clamps can be moved to fit board size without the use of a tool. “Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum” supports auto loader/unloader to thoroughly correct the warpage. It is the most suitable system to be used with loader/unloader since board is automatically clamped.

Again, there is also option to use epoxy type ink conforming to MIL directive. For more information about the latest model CPi6151, please contact USA MicroCraft.