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Adhesive Application Repair Machine "MJD2525" - Now Released

MJD2525 is an innovative repair machine which combines Good pieces within defective boards to produce a Good board. With the defective pieces removed from a multi-image board, this revolutionary adhesive application repair machine makes it possible to produce a Good board by setting Good pieces in place of defective ones and applying adhesive to secure them.

Good Pieces Can be Set with High Accuracy
Alignment cameras from top and bottom sides of the board allow setting of Good pieces within 50μm accuracy.

Application of Adhesive by Dispenser
Adhere Good pieces to a frame by applying adhesive with the dispenser (adhesive application system) to repair the board. After the application, the board is removed from the machine and the adhesive is cured in a heating system, such as an oven, to complete the repair operation.

Carrier with Adhesive Sheet
Frame is placed on a carrier with a special adhesive sheet (patent pending) and then set on the shuttle. Special adhesive sheet changes viscosity depending on the temperature. Adhesive sheet is reusable, thus, the running cost can be kept low.

Double Shuttle System to Improve the Throughput
By adopting the double shuttle system, while shuttle 1 is at the adhesive application area, next frame can be set to shuttle 2. This minimizes the time for exchanging the board and thus improves the throughput. Shuttle table is equipped with θ rotation mechanism in addition to Y direction movement mechanism. With the help of this mechanism, position and rotating direction are adjusted aligning with the picked Good piece, and the Good piece is then set in the accurate position.

For more information about the MJD2525, please contact USA MicroCraft.