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Support System

MicroCraft has installed over 2,000 moving probe testers and inkjet printing systems worldwide. In order to offer global service & support system, we have established technical support & service center in seven locations worldwide including USA, China, Korea, India and Japan. Our distributors (technically trained) provide additional support and service in their local countries and surrounding areas.

Support System
Technical support and service centers
  • Japan : MicroCraft K.K. (Okayama, Tokyo)
  • Mainland China : MicroCraft K.K. Shanghai Regional Office
  • India : MicroCraft K.K. India Regional Office
  • USA : USA MicroCraft, Inc.
  • Korea : MicroCraft Korea Co., Ltd.

Technical Support and Service Center

  • Taiwan, Mainland China : Jensys Corporation
  • Taiwan, Mainland China : ISMART TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
  • Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand : PCB GRAPHTECH PTE LTD.
  • United Kingdom : Viking Test Services
  • Spain : Comercial Electronica Feijoo, S.L.
  • Germany : SAT - Electronic Vertriebs GmbH
  • Russia : Sovtest ATE
  • Brazil : Pattaro C S Ltda.