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Basic Principles

Basic Principle of EMMA

EMMA series High Speed/Accuracy fixtureless testers have the flexibility to test 100% of your PCB's without the cost of Expensive Fixtures.

Continuity test

Continuity testEMMA's high precision resistance measurement unit can detect even the smallest of open traces, splits between trace & pad, Buried, Blind and Micro-vias. Optimized test files can even detect breaks in via and plated through holes.

Isolation test

Isolation testThe EMMA series tester can accurately verify isolation between networks. With the aid of software driven adjacency, speed is dramatically improved while keeping test integrity.

Phase Difference Measurement (PDM)

Phase Difference Measurement (PDM)MicroCraft's independently developed testing method which exponentially speeds up both continuity/isolation tests. This method is most suitable for medium size production quantity.

Phase Difference MeasurementPhase Difference Measurement
Phase Difference Measurement Unit (PDM) sends high frequency signal between the reference line (plane) and signal line to measure differences between these phases, which will cut down unnecessary isolation tests within the net. With fewer test points and test cycle compared to ordinary isolation test, the test speed have increased dramatically.